Powerlifter Jesse Norris Hints at “Life Motivation” Video Release

A few days ago Jessie Norris and Red Trigger Films shared a teaser video titled, “Life Motivation.” The teaser video features footage of Norris arriving to his home gym with self-narration discussing his lifting experiences, life advice, and journey thus far.

While we’re still unsure of the exact length or subject of the video, there have been a few clues shared. In Red Trigger Films video description they write, “Listen in while Jesse Norris discusses some things that have helped him succeed and move further in life. Very valuable life advice.”

Then, in a comment below, they mention that the video should surface in about two weeks. Although, it’s hard to tell if they meant from the date they posted their comment (a day ago on January 22/23rd), or the video’s original posting date (January 17th).

Either way, we’re hoping this video truly does release in the near future and it’s not all hype. Norris is one of the best 198 lb weight class lifters in America. He’s currently ranked third overall in the 198 open raw category on PLW American Best of the Best Lifter Rankings.

According to Powerlifting Watch’s world records, Norris currently holds three records for the men’s raw (drug tested) 198 lb category. These include a 750 lb squat, 825 lb deadlift, and 2,015 lb total.

If you still need to be convinced into believing just how strong Norris really is, the Instagram video below from a month ago features him pulling a beltless 635×10.

In the video’s description he explains this was his last working set after 495×15 and two sets of 2×10 at 585. Holy back volume.

A video posted by Jesse Norris (@jessenorr) on

Norris has been argued for quite some time to be one of the best powerlifters for the 198 lb weight class. He currently holds three world records, has had a multitude of first place finishes, and only appears to be getting stronger with age.

Hopefully this Jesse Norris “Life Motivation” video is for real. It would be a great way to understand and see into the mind of one of this generation’s best powerlifters.

Feature image: @jessenorr Instagram page.