Jezza Uepa Makes a 370kg Front Squat Double Look Like a Warm-Up

In case you were wondering, powerlifter Jezza Uepa still appears to be one of the kings for the heaviest front squats of all time. Front squats are interesting, they’re an incredibly demanding lift, but don’t receive nearly as much attention as the back squat even though they’re arguably harder when lifting near maximal amounts.

For this reason, that’s why we always love watching Uepa’s heavy front squats because they’re next level strong. Typically, weightlifters will stop themselves from exceeding true 1-RM front squat weight for training and recovery purposes, so 1-RMs are not as common to see from these athletes who regularly train them. To give perspective, it’s not uncommon to see some of the world’s top superheavyweight weightlifters easily handle front squats with 300kg/660 lbs, which is crazy impressive in itself.

Back to the point of this article and Uepa’s latest epic front squat set. As of right now, Uepa’s 405kg/892 lb front squat from last October is the heaviest 400kg/880 lb+ front squat we’ve ever seen filmed.

Yesterday, almost exactly a year later, Uepa shared a training video that highlights a top front squat set double with 370kg/815 lbs. And like mentioned above, we’ve seen Uepa front squat more in the past, but never this much for a fast double. It truly puts into perspective how strong Eupa is.

Author’s Note: The video below highlights Uepa’s latest 370kg front squat double. For those having viewing issues on mobile — check out the front squat here.

Last year, Uepa smokes his 405kg/892 lb front squat a few weeks out from the Brisbane Open that takes place each year in late October.

We’re still unsure if Uepa will be competing in this meet for 2018, but we’re staying optimistic that his next competition appearance is coming sooner than later. After all, the lifting timelines appear to line up.

Feature image from @jezzauepa Instagram page.