Jezza Uepa Squats 470kg (1,036 lbs) at Brisbane Open

Sit back and hold on to your seats, because we may be witnessing something very special in the sport of powerlifting in the very near future. It’s not a secret that USA’s Ray Williams and Nauru’s Jezza Uepa are some of world’s best raw squatters in the world. Both of these lifters compete in the 120kg+ IPF raw category, and continually go back and forth with jaw dropping squats.

Williams typically comes out on top in competition, but we may be seeing Uepa make a run at the record very soon (and indeed, Uepa was the first to squat 1,000+ pounds raw in international IPF competition). Over the weekend, Uepa competed in the Brisbane Open, which took place at Fitness Show Brisbane. We speculated he would do well when we saw his easy 425kg pause squat in prep, and he lived up to those expectations.

Check out this video below that shows Uepa’s last lifts in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

Uepa ended up totaling a monstrous 1,070kg (2,357 lb), which is only 12.5kg off of Williams’ IPF World Record. On top of that, Uepa finished with a 470kg (1,036 lb) squat, 270kg (595 lb) bench, and 330kg (727.5 lb) deadlift. We anticipated that Uepa would put up a big total, but only being 12.5kg off a world record is no joke.

In fact, if we look at Uepa and Williams’ most recent meets, Uepa actually out squatted Williams by 2.5kg. Yet keep in mind, Williams hit 467.5kg on an easy second attempt at USAPL Raw Nationals, and barely missed 490kg for his third, which is 12.5kg over the current world record.

The current 120kg+ IPF raw squat world record sits at 477.5kg, which was set by Williams at this year’s Arnold Classic. Then, at the 2017 IPF Classic World Championships in June, both athletes hit huge lifts, but also didn’t have their best days.

Regardless, these two athletes’ squat strength continues to increase in competition, and it’s going be an epic showdown when they’re both on and going head-to-head. After Uepa’s recent display of strength, it’s only a matter of time until the 477.5kg gets pushed further.

Feature image screenshot from @king_of_the_lifts Instagram page.