John Haack Hits a Big 230kg (507 lb) Raw Bench PR In Prep for Kern US Open

Powerlifter John Haack, or “USA” as he’s commonly referred to within the sport of powerlifting, has been perusing through his training in prep for the Kern US Open taking place May 12-13th. We’re less than two weeks out before some of the sport’s best athletes face off in San Diego, California at this invite only meet.

Haack is set to compete in the 83kg (181 lb) weight class and has been putting up some of his best numbers in training. Two days ago, hit a recent and significant personal best on the bench where he hit a huge 230kg (507 lb) PR.

In Haack’s video’s description he writes, “Having a little PR party. Hit a single at 230kgs/507lbs at RPE 11. Had to rock the Cap America singlet after seeing Infinity War yesterday. Also got myself a new toy, in a @roguefitness half rack to expand the accessories I can do. Body weight at 87.8kgs/193.6lbs.”

This bench press closely tops Haack’s previous best of 227.5kg (501 lbs), which he set back in early January. Back when he hit this bench, his weight was nearly identical, so we’re hoping he can maintain or stay close to these numbers come meet day.

Before this bench press PR about four days prior, Haack also shared a video hitting a strong deadlift PR. In this video, Haack smokes a 352.5kg (777 lb) deadlift, a feat that’s closely approaching the all-time American record.

In the video’s description Haack writes, “Starting off the heaviest week of prep for the US Open with a PB single of 352.5kgs/777lbs on deadlift. Feeling ready to take on Thanos.”

Last year, Haack came in second at the CETC US Open when he totaled 856kg (1,884 lb), which tied Ben Pollack’s total in the 83kg (181 lb) weight class. Unfortunately, Haack weighed a hair heavier than Pollack, so he walked away with the $10,000 USD award instead of the $40,000 USD for Light Weight Men’s Best Lifter.

In late January, Haack put up a massive training total of 895kgs (1,973 lb), which could be a suggestion of what to expect come meet day. Will 2018 be the year Haack finds himself walking away with first for the Light Weight Men’s Best Lifter?

Feature image from @bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.