Julius Maddox Hits a 585 lb Bench Press for Two Sets of Seven

When it comes to Julius Maddox and his bench press, where do we start? Maddox is arguably one of the world’s strongest raw bench press athletes and consistently hits feats that not only show off his power, but his ability to work with volume oriented sets.

For many athletes, deadlifting and squatting 585 lbs (265kg) is a feat that’s more than enough to feel proud of, but Maddox takes this weight a step further on the bench press. After all, Maddox has pressed up to 705 lbs, so in reality this is about 82% of his one-rep max, which is absolutely insane when you really think about it.

In his latest video, Maddox benches 585 lbs (265kg) for two sets of seven, which look like warm-up reps for this bench press specialist. On Maddox’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “585LBS x 7/ set 1 and 2 with @ifbbwaynewilliams10 – all programming YOUR 400lbs with a gut! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BENCH LIKE THIS!!! That’s what I hear just about everyday.”

In all honesty, this may be one of Maddox’s most impressive sets and videos to date. The ability to move this weight for that amount of volume is almost unheard in respects to raw benching. Now we have to wonder? When will Maddox finally take the all-time super heavyweight bench press world record?

The current all-time world record (for full meet) stands at 710 lbs and was set by James Henderson back in 1997. If anyone is going to take it down, then more than likely it will be Maddox in from what we can see — the very near future. Maddox has been creeping incredibly close to this historic bench feat for quite some time now. 

We mentioned it above, but in March he benched 705 lbs in the Animal Cage, which was the heaviest bench ever performed in the cage (and it’s been around for 12-years!). Then, going back even further, in October 2017 Maddox smoked a 688 lb meet PR falling just a bit short of the elusive 710 lbs.

As 2018 wages on, we’re pumped to see what Maddox is able to hit at his next meet. He’s getting closer by the day to the long standing 21 year old all-time bench press world record.

Feature image from @irregular_strength Instagram page.