Julius Maddox Bench Presses a PR 765 Pounds (Raw)!

The unofficial world record goes up…again.

Julius Maddox has made it clear that he is currently on his own personal road to an 800 pound raw bench press. On February 22nd, the Kentucky resident’s journey moved past another incredible mark. Maddox posted a video on Instagram showing him completing a single rep with 765 pounds (347 kg). That is eight 45 pound plates per side of a 45 pound bar.


This successful lift moves his personal record up by 10 pounds (4.5 kg). In January, he completed a 755 pound attempt. As for the new PR, he is spotted by three other men with one of them, Joshua Patterson, doing the handoff and calling the signals for start, press, and rack, as if he was in an organized meet. By training standards, the lift looks like it was easy for Maddox to complete. The only accessories he is wearing is wrist wraps. He isn’t even wearing a training belt. When asked about how the lift felt, Maddox responded to BarBend with only one word.


He had clearly felt confident in his ability because in a previous post about an hour before, he teased the lift by counting the plates on the bar.


Fellow powerlifter Andrew Herbert expressed his thoughts in a comment that is likely shared by many others.

“I feel like I should be surprised but I’m not. Awesome work, man.”

The official record is still 744.1 pounds, which Maddox set on November 16, 2019. He told BarBend that he plans on moving the all-time raw world record to 800 pounds by the beginning of June. He later stated that the meet he plans on making this happen will take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While details about that meet are limited, it has been shared that the date in question is May 30th.

It isn’t believed that Maddox will compete in any other meets between now and then. It isn’t clear whether this new PR was a part of his plan or if this attempt was a spontaneous decision based on how he felt. He is working with his coach, Josh Bryant of Jailhouse Strong, during his preparations for the 800 pound goal. Maddox followed up with BarBend with one extra comment about this feat.

“Man does not set my limitations. Focus on the positive, not the negative!”

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