Kevin Oak Pulls a 370kg (815 lb) Deadlift PR

Kevin Oak, or Oak Strong, as he’s known on social media, just pulled a huge one rep max in lead up to the Boss of Bosses IV. Oak hit a 370kg (815 lb) deadlift, and is now five and a half weeks out before taking the platform.

Check out the video below that Oak shared on his Instagram page yesterday. In the video’s description Oak writes, “Grip work, 815 lbs (370 kg) for a new 1 rep max. First time training without straps since April. I felt a little off today so I’m happy I could still hit this. 5 1/2 weeks out from Boss Of Bosses.”

Last year’s Boss of Bosses III was an epic showdown in the 220 lb weight class between Kevin Oak, Yury Belkin, and Dan Green. To top it off, these three lifters (all from the same weight class) took home first (Belkin), second (Oak), and third (Green) for the highest Wilks totals of all the athletes.

Oak totaled 2,150.5 lbs in wraps with a 859 lb squat, 501 lb bench press, and 789 lb deadlift. Check out the video below that features the epic BOB III 220 lb showdown.

Oak will be moving up a weight class to 242 lbs this year. In his current training videos, Oak is sitting around 257-260 lbs, as he’s stated on Reddit.

Oak’s squat is also increasing, check out his (350kg) 771 lb three rep max squat video in sleeves he shared on July 5th.

This year’s Boss of Bosses IV is being held August 25-26th at Dan Green’s gym Boss Barbell Club in Mountain View, California. The World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) is the host, and 50 of the world’s top lifters have been invited to compete for the top prize.

This meet was invite only after hitting a prescribed qualifying total, so each weight class is stacked with some of world’s strongest lifters. Check out the BOB IV ad below from Boss Barbell Club’s Facebook page hyping up Oak’s appearance.

Can Oak take first for the 242 lb weight class? And will he hit a new PR total? He’s been posting some crazy strong videos lately, but as always, only time will tell.

Feature image screenshot from @oakstrong Instagram page.