Kimberly Walford Handily Wins USPA Drug Tested Nationals

Multiple IPF world record holder Kimberly Walford handily won the USPA Drug Tested Nationals that were held in Charleston, West Virginia this week, and while she didn’t set any more IPF world records, she broke a few open records in the USPA and the IPL.

The -75kg class had more competitors than any other category and she utterly dominated it with a total of 545.5 kilograms, 145.5kg (320.8lb) more than second place finisher Marlow King. Walford pulled off a 193kg squat (425.5lb), 110kg bench (242.5lb), and 242.5kg (534.6lb) deadlift.

One interesting tidbit is that the first time she prepared for her squat, it was misloaded by 5 kilograms on one side. She felt the difference when she took the bar on her shoulders and reracked it. This performance earned her a Wilks of 536.445. She wrote on Instagram,

I had a great time this weekend at @uspapower DT Nats!!! Thank you @uspa_east for putting on the meet and all the great people who volunteered to make it happen. It was such an awesome environment!! I weighed in at 71.19kg_156.96lbs , Sq 193kg_425.49lbs, Bh 110kg_242, DL 242.5kg_534.62lbs, and TL 545.48kg_1202.59lbs. W: 536.42 

I’m honored to say that I won the 75kg class – Open and SubMaster Divisions; Best Female lifter-Open and SubMaster Divisions; and had the opportunity to break some DT and NDT IPL World, USPA National, and USPA NJ State Records in the Open and SubMaster divisions. 

I will never get tired of thanking GOD first for this blessing of strength. 

[Check out the highest Wilks of all time in our sweet infographic here!]

Her heaviest deadlift at an IPF event? As a -72kg athlete, she managed this 243kg pull in January 2017 that still stands today as a world record.

But heaviest deadlift we’ve ever seen from her was an unofficial record of 250kg that she made at an event called the Kim & Ray Speed Power Strength Invitational 2018, which she hosted with her friend (and fellow IPF world record holder) Ray Williams.

We’re unsure of her next meet, but Walford is slated to conduct a workshop with Jen Thompson and Iron Siters USA at Nebraska’s Midland University this August.

Featured image via @trackfu on Instagram.

Nick English

Nick English

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