Kristin Rhodes Pulls Out of Strongest Woman in the World

This weekend, Strongman Corporation hosts The Strongest Woman in the World at the SoFit Expo in Jacksonville, Florida. The competition has set the strongman community abuzz, as it gives top strongwoman competitors a chance at big cash prizes and the opportunity to compete at the new Pro Women’s Division at next year’s Arnold Classic. The biggest women’s pro strongman contest ever held, it’s a huge opportunity for the female competitors and the sport in general.

But just two days before the competition, one of the top Open Division competitors has pulled out: Kristin Rhodes announced via Instagram she has decided not to compete.

In case you haven’t heard of Rhodes, she’s a competitor to be reckoned with and arguably one of the strongest women to ever participate in the sport. She’s got a ton of raw strength, and over the past year, her training videos suggested a strong, healthy streak. Here’s Rhodes on a farmer’s carry with 260 pounds in each hand: 

BarBend contributor Michael Gill — who will also be helping run the competition this weekend — wrote earlier this summer of Rhodes in the leadup to the competition:

Never crowned but possibly the strongest woman ever to compete. There are no holes in her game except for an extended break from competing. She has won almost every contest she has entered and often leaves a large gap to second place. The smart money is on her taking first dominantly at this contest and then setting her sights on the new Arnold Women’s Classic in March.

With Rhodes out for this weekend, look for athletes Julie Rader and Britteny Cornelius to make a strong showing and battle for the win.

Featured Image: Strongman Corporation and @strongwomankristinrhodes on Instagram