Olympian Lolo Jones Makes Easy Work of the “Handstand Shirt Challenge”

Tom Holland started it. Jake Gyllenhaal Continued it. Lolo Jones finished it.

During these times of mass quarantine, boredom can be ever-present. To combat that boredom, many people, including athletes and celebrities, challenge each other online to a feat of strength like a standard push-up challenge (“I challenge X friend to beat my X push-ups”) or something more creative like the broomstick mobility challenge.

The handstand shirt challenge has gained popularity this week thanks to Tom Holland (who plays Spider-Man) challenging his Far From Home co-start Jake Gyllenhaal to put on a shirt while in a handstand position against a wall.

But when you’re a 3-time Olympian like Lolo Jones, who competed in both track & field and bobsled on the world stage, you don’t have to wait to be challenged. Check out Jones putting on not one, but two shirts in the handstand challenge video below that she shared on her Twitter page:

[Check out the BarBend Team compete in the gallon of milk challenge.]

You can see at the beginning of the video, Jones starts by taking a sip of wine. It is not clear how much alcohol was in her system at the time of the challenge but it did not seem to impede her balance.

“You idiot…I should’ve chose an XL shirt.”

Ultimately, Jones was able to accomplish the challenge fairly easily and finished by taking another sip of wine — or attempted to.

For comparison, Tom Holland, albeit it successful, did not have nearly as easy a time as Jones. Here is the video below of him struggling through it courtesy of Fandom’s Twitter page:

Holland’s initial challenge was directed towards Jake Gyllenhaal. Here is his successful attempt, courtesy of MTV’s Twitter page:

But while these two guys started the trend, Jones finished it.

It’s not surprising that Jones would go above and beyond considering she is one of only 136 athletes to compete at both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. She competed at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics Games in track & field, and the at the 2014 Winter Olympics in bobsled.

We look forward to the 2020 Olympic Games where hopefully Jones will return to the track and attempt to earn her first Olympic medal.

Feature image from Lolo Jones’, Fandom’s, and MTV’s Twitter pages: @lolojones, @getFANDOM, @MTV