Marianna Gasparayn (59kg) Puts Up a 555kg Powerlifting Total (9.4x Her Bodyweight)

This year’s CETC US Open could best be described as a roller coaster ride filled with multiple ups and downs. Some of the downs included lifters suffering injuries (Larry “Wheels” Williams and Andy Huang), and lifters having a difficult time finishing all three lifts (Kevin Oak). A few of the ups include countless PRs and newly set world records.

One of the newly set world records comes from Kazakhstan’s powerlifter Marianna Gasparayn. She went 7/9 and set a new all-time world record for the women’s 60kg (132 lb) weight class total at 555kg (1,221 lbs).

This may come to no surprise for Gasparayn fans, as she’s the current world record holder for both the squat and total. Her new 555kg total tops the previous 536kg total (with & without wraps) held by Susan Salazar. 

Her squat attempts were a successful 210kg, 220kg, and 230kg. The 230kg squat is also a new 60kg world record (with & without wraps). Gasparayn’s 230kg (506 lb) squat is 3.89 times her body weight and she absolutely buried it.

Now Gasparayn will hold both squat world records for the “no wraps” and “with & without wraps” category on Powerlifting Watch’s World Record page. Her new squat topples the current “with & without wraps” record, which was set by Laura Sgro at 462 lbs in March by 44 lbs.

Her bench attempts were a successful 115kg, 125kg, and an unsuccessful 127.5kg. The current world record for the women’s 60kg weight class is held by Jennifer Thompson at 300 lbs.

Gasparayn deadlifted 190kg and 200kg successfully, but missed 205kg. These final deadlifts sealed her first place in her weight class and a $1,000 prize.

In addition to her first place finish and her new records, Gasparayn also recorded the highest competition Wilks score. She recorded an epic 627 Wilks and walked away with a nice $40,000 prize for highest Wilks score.

Gasparayn’s Wilks score was seven points higher than second place, which was held by Stacy Burr.

The above video is great, because there are very few clean videos of this epic Russian powerlifter. Hopefully we continue to see Gasparayn crush big lifts as the year progresses.

Feature image screenshot from Heavy Sport YouTube Channel.