Powerlifter Molly Mullikin Deadlifts 500 Pounds for an Easy 2 Reps

Molly Mullikin is a -75kg/165lb powerlifter who has some crazy deadlift strength and continues to prove so in her training. She recently shared a video on her Instagram page pulling 500 lbs conventionally for an easy two reps.

While this isn’t a max weight for Mullikin, it’s definitely a suggestion of what we can hopefully expect to see from her at her next meet. The speed of her pull off the ground is ridiculous and even on the second rep she doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Keep in mind that 500 lbs is three times her competition bodyweight.


Her next meet is only two-weeks away, as she’ll be taking part in the women’s SPF Pro/Am on April 23rd in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mullikin’s current best deadlift is a 530 lb pull performed at 160 lbs bodyweight. This pull was performed 40-weeks ago in prep for Boss of the Bosses 3. At the time of the 530 lb deadlift below, Mullikin was only 7 lbs away from the all time 165 lb record.


Yet, that previous all-time world record was recently broken by powerlifting legend Kimberly Walford with a 568 lb deadlift. Walford performed this feat at this year’s Arnold Classic where she won the Arnold Pro Deadlift and recorded the highest Wilks total (man or woman).

If you remember back in January, we wrote an article on Mullikin pulling 430 for two sets of six. This leaves us with no question behind Mullikin having outstanding deadlift strength and stamina. The real question is, does she have enough to eventually take a shot at Walford’s newly set 165 lb record?


In the above video, which was shared 10-weeks ago, Mullikin wrote, “430×6 2 sets. EZ duz it. Can’t wait to feel 500lbs in my lil hands again.” She’s now back to pulling 500+ lbs and for multiple reps and making it look easy.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Mullikin pulls in 2-weeks at her next meet in Ohio. Walford’s all-time world record is 38 lbs heavier than Mullikin’s best pull. This deadlift definitely won’t be an easy feat to tackle, but Mullikin is showing promise to possibly make a future attempt.

Feature image from @mollykm Instagram page.