Morgan McCollough Hits 170kg Clean & Jerk PR At 15 Years Old

Consider the bar raised, literally and figuratively. Mash Mafia athlete Morgan McCullough, aka self-proclaimed mini Freedom Fridge (per his Instagram page), has been perusing through big lifts over the last few months. His latest monster lift below comes about two weeks after turning 15, which is a fact that continually leaves those on social media scratching their heads wondering, “How is this young athlete moving that much weight?”

Yesterday, McCullough shared a PR clean & jerk of 170kg/374 lbs on his Instagram page that tops his previous best by 3kg. What’s most impressive is that McCullough’s previous best clean & jerk of 167kg/367 lbs came less than a month ago at the American Open Series 2 competition.

This lift not only served as a PR for McCullough, but took down Ian Wilson’s nearly decade old +85kg Youth (14-15) American Record of 166kg/365 lbs. Check McCullough’s latest 170k/374 lb clean & jerk PR below.

Currently, McCullough is prepping for the American Open Series 3 competition, which is set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and runs from September 13th through the 16th. This meet will be the first competition that USA Weightlifting will be implementing the newly established weight classes, so we’re pumped to see what McCullough can put together in the -96kg weight class. He told us his goals are a 130kg snatch and 170kg clean & jerk, and will push for at least 128kg on the snatch.

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In terms of PRs, the above clean & jerk isn’t the only big personal record McCullough has hit in the last week or so. About four days ago, McCullough hit a strong 171kg/376 lb jerk from the blocks, which really isn’t too surprising when you consider the above 170kg/374 lb clean & jerk.

We don’t know about you, but with this recent clean & jerk PR, we’re pumped to see what McCullough puts together at the AO3. It’s going to be interesting to see how he performs compared to old records and newly established standards!

Feature image from @mad_lifts_15 Instagram page.