Natalie Hanson (84kg) Squats a Massive 275kg (606 lbs)

84kg Powerlifter and Beefpuff Barbell Co-Founder Natalie Hanson is crushing her training cycle in lead up to the 2018 Arnold Classic. In her latest squat video, Hanson surpassed two huge training milestones. She not only passed her best personal all-time PR by 1.5kg (3 lbs), but also her IPF equipped squat world record that she set in November 2017.

In her Instagram video’s description Hanson writes, “Hi whoa I just squatted 275kg (606lbs)@7.5-8. This is 1.5kg (3lbs) above my all time PR and the IPF World Record from Worlds 3 months ago. Feeling pretty close to ready for the Arnold meow.”

Hanson will be taking the platform at the 2018 Arnold Classic in the next three weeks, and with this latest equipped squat, we could very well see her break the current IPF world record. What’s possibly the most crazy part of the lift is how easy Hanson made it look.

She has an insane ability to make all-time personal PRs, or world records for that matter, look incredibly effortless. For example, rewind to a months ago to the video when she broke the IPF world record at the World Championships.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about Hanson and her epic squats. In fact, we first wrote about her back in February 2017 when she broke the American equipped record with a 262.5kg (578 lb) squat at the USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open.

Fast forward to May 2017 and Hanson found herself breaking another American record and setting an unofficial world record at the same time. She performed this feat when she competed at the 35th Annual USA Powerlifting Open National Championships in Orlando and hit a 270kg equipped squat.

It’s been awesome watching Hanson’s squat progress over the last year. We’re pumped to see what she’s able to put together come meet day and if she’ll push her world record even further.

Feature image screenshot from @natalie.907 Instagram page.