Nathan Damrom Squats 700lbs For a Second BIG Squat PR in a Week

20 year old Nathan Damron, or “#freedomfridge” as he’s called on Instagram, has been receiving a lot of attention lately for his squat videos. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a slue of some seriously impressive lifts come from the 94kg weightlifter. This week, Damron continues to gain attention from lifters of all strength sports for his crazy leg strength.

His most recent video features a 317.5kg (700 lb) squat personal record, which is absolutely insane for his weight and age. The video’s description says “PR”, but with how fast Damron moves the weight out of the hole, a lot of comments speculate his max might actually be higher.

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His post doesn’t share his current weight, but we can gain some possible weight speculations from other videos he’s shared in the past two weeks. His most recent weight shared in one his videos states he’s currently weighing 98kg (a week ago).

Last week, we wrote an article covering another one of Damron’s personal records for a 310kg back squat. This squat, much like the 317.5kg, looked crazy easy. We also compared his squat numbers to powerlifting records and his weight. Let’s just say, Damron could probably hold junior powerlifting squat records if he ever chose to compete.

In addition to his impressive squat PRs, Damron is also hitting other heavy lifts including this 210kg (464 lb) clean off blocks.

With his recent PRs and insane squat strength, one has to wonder…”When will Damron find his limit?” Hopefully forever everyone’s sake, it’s not soon.

Damron is only 20 years old and is revving up to become one of the top 94kg weightlifters in the country.

Feature image from @nathandamron94 Instagram page.