Nathan Damron: 156kg Snatch, 200kg Clean & Jerk, 307kg Back Squat at 20 Years Old

Yesterday, Mash Elite Performance held their annual “Barbell Picnic,” featuring a combination of weightlifting and powerlifting competitions — along with what looked like solid food, festivities, and a whole lot of strong people hanging around. Some of the most impressive lifts on the day came from Mash resident weightlifter Nathan Damron, the 20 year old who looks to have officially moved up to 94kg after a few competitions at 85kg earlier this year.

For the picnic, Damron was actually all the way up to 97.3kg on bodyweight, and it looks like that extra mass is paying off. To start the day, he ended up with a 156kg snatch PR during that phase of the competition.

And hit a solid 200kg clean & jerk competition PR; he had previously hit 200kg in training earlier this summer.

Damron also cleaned 206kg and missed the jerk, flirting with numbers that would put him among the top 94kg lifters in the country (and he still has the rest of the year as an eligible Junior lifter, meaning American records could be in his sights).

But Damron also competed in the powerlifting phase of the festivities, hitting a 307kg/675 pound PR back squat.

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Here’s another angle of his back squat; absolutely no question on the depth there. As we mentioned in an article a couple weeks ago, Damron — a weightlifter — is approaching IPF Junior World Record numbers on his back squat.