Patrick Moore, Jon Delarosa Win Contests, Qualify for Olympia

Both competitors will compete on the big stage this September.

The IFBB Pro League has several shows that take place over the course of their season, but it isn’t often that there are two contests held on the same weekend. Memorial Day Weekend this year was an exception this year. The California Pro took place in Anaheim on Saturday and that was followed up by the 2019 Puerto Rico Pro on Sunday. Here’s a quick look at how both events went down.

California Pro Winner – Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore had turned pro in 2017 by winning the Super-Heavyweight Division at the NPC USA contest. The knock on his physique was that his legs were underwhelming when compared to his upper body. They were much improved at this show but his upper half, specifically his arms, are still very dominant. His definition and confidence when performing his poses is what likely helped the judges decide that he should take the win here.

2nd – Tim Budesheim

Budesheim had competed in New York a couple weeks ago but was much improved here. At around 230 pounds, he isn’t a mass monster but his shape is what helped him place as high as he did here this weekend. He was competing against guys who had more muscle maturity which can help them look harder. Nonetheless, 2nd place at any pro show is very respectable.

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3rd – Josh Wade

Wade was considered by many to be the favorite here. After competing at the Olympia last season, he focused on the New York Pro (he finished 7th) and this show. His size stood out and he has that grainy look that reminds many old-school fans of Dorian Yates. His symmetry is good but not as much as the top two finishers and that was apparently what the judges were looking for here.

2019 Puerto Rico Pro Winner – Jon Delarosa

Delarosa finished 4th at the New York Pro with Milan Sadek placing 3rd. When the news came out afterwards that Delarosa and Milan Sadek were competing in Puerto Rico next, they became the two favorites in that lineup only this time, they would switch who finished ahead.

ThDelarosa peaked perfectly for this show and came away with the win. He was condition, his muscles popped when he hit his poses, and the shape for him had always been there. He will now move on to compete at the Olympia this September.

2nd – Milan Sadek

Sadek is a former 212 competitor and after seeing him competing at a bigger size in the Open, it’s clear in the eyes of many that he should stick to competing with the big boys because his physique looks so much better with him being heavier. He may not have hit his peak here and he is going against a great bodybuilder in Delarosa so he had to settle for the runner-up position.

3rd – Andrea Muzi

If you were to look at photos of Muzi by himself, you would think that the guy could win any show he enters. However he only turned pro in 2018 and not every pro wins right away. In this case it wasn’t that Muzi isn’t good but rather than the top two were that much better. He needs improvement with his arms, back, and calves but that will come with time as he progresses.

Featured image: @ifbbjondelarosa on Instagram