Check Out Pete Rubish’s Latest 220kg Bench Press PR

Powerlifter Pete Rubish is currently in prep for a meet that will take place in a little less than three weeks. He’ll be competing at the USPA Tennessee Classic on January 13th. Rubish regularly competes in the 220/242 lb weight classes, and has gained a significant following for his strong lifts, especially with the deadlift.

To conclude 2017, Rubish has made some incredible progress on his bench press. Yesterday, he shared a training PR video that highlights a strong 220kg (485 lb) bench press. Check out Rubish’s training PR video below.

What will Rubish attempt come meet time in early January? In the Reddit thread highlighting this recent PR Rubish commented and said, “I’d like to hit 215 (474 on meet day). This pause was rushed, so this won’t happen. But I’ve put 22 lbs on my bench in 60 days, so I’m happy with the progress!”

This would be a significant improvement compared to his last meet in late October where he hit 207.5kg (457 lbs) on his third attempt. The 457 lb third attempt was also a PR, so the 474 would be a 17 lb improvement, which is no small feat on the bench press, especially in the amount of time Rubish has improved over.

Check out the 207.5kg (457 lb) bench press from the October meet below.

If you’re a Rubish fan and follow him on Instagram, then you’ve more than likely seen the impressive bench progress videos he’s been sharing. In his comment above, he mentioned that he’s added 22 lbs to his bench in 60 days.

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Check out the last video Rubish shared in the bench cycle before attempting the 220kg bench PR. In the video’s description Rubish writes, “6×391 lbs first set. I did 4×5 after this. Did 5x5x375 to finish last cycle going into the 474 lb bench.”

With his new bench progress, we’re excited to see what Rubish ends up totaling at the USPA event on January 13th.

Feature image screenshot from Pete Rubish YouTube channel.