67.5kg (148 lb) Powerlifter Allison Hind Smokes a 143kg (315 lb) Raw Bench Press

When it comes to the bench press, there are a few huge milestones an athlete can work to accomplish throughout their lifting career. These milestones come in the form of the plates (or “biscuits” as Johnny Candito says) on each side of the bar.

Everyone starts with the goal of joining the one plate club when they begin their lifting journey, then comes the two, three, four plate club, and so forth. New York-based powerlifter Allison Hind just surpassed a huge career milestone and joined the three plate club with her latest 143kg (315 lb) bench press.

Hind, a regular and competitive athlete in the 67.5kg (148 lbs) weight class, has been crushing big weight in her training, but the video below may take the cake for one of her most impressive to date.

In Hind’s video’s description she writes, “”The old get old and the young get stronger.” I’m not sure if I qualify as young, but I did join the 3 plates club on bench today. Here’s 315lbs (~143kg) for a single, and an “I told you so” from @traps_and_tolstoy (as usual, I deserved it).”

To top the video’s impressiveness, Hind makes the press look relatively easy for any doubt she had about it going into the lift (referring to her video’s description).

[The bench press is one of the most technical lifts in strength sports, here’s a guide to help dial in your form!]

On April 22nd, Hind competed at the Cincinnati Women’s Pro Am and finished the meet hitting a 136kg (300 lb) bench press, which was a 25 lb meet PR. Now, less than two weeks later, Hind has pushed her bench potential even further with the 143kg (315 lb) press above.

With this huge two-week improvement we’re left wondering, what will Hind be able to hit at her next competition? We’re not completely sure, but we’re excited to find out!

Feature image from @allisonhind.pl Instagram page.