Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence (-84kg) Deadlifts an Incredible 258.5kg

Minnesota based powerlifter Amanda Lawrence has once again made a headline with one of her monstrous lifts. On her Instagram page, Lawrence continues to push her deadlift and squat to epic levels and she’s been moving both of them at a remarkable speed towards the 600 lb milestone.

Her latest video features a massive 258.5kg/570 lb deadlift PR, which has already made the rounds in the strength sports social media community. In Lawrence’s Instagram video’s description she writes,

“Locked out a 570# PR for funzies. Wasn’t feeling fire today after my 550# squat yesterday, but did it anyways. Yes, I know I have thoracic rounding from my dinosaur arms. Had to take an extra scoop of @legionath PULSE pre-workout today.”


That’s right, Lawrence deadlifted this weight after hitting a 250kg/550 lb squat the day before (embedded below). This squat feat ties her personal all-time best, and she made it look relatively smooth compared to the first time she attempted this weight, so the 258.5kg/570 lb deadlift following the day after is very impressive.

In October of this year, Lawrence competed at the 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals meet and finished in second place behind Daniella Melo. At this meet, Lawrence broke two American Records with a 238.5kg/525 lb second attempt squat and a 245kg/540 lb third attempt deadlift.

Currently, Lawrence is working towards her next meet which will take place at the 2019 Arnold Sport Festival. Last year at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival, Lawrence took home first at the A7 Bar Grip Pro Challenge and finished with a 527.5kg/1,163 lb total. At this 2018 meet on the squat, she hit 220kg/485 lbs on her third attempt.

If we’re looking at the progress she made between March and October of this year, then we have a lot of high hopes for what Lawrence can accomplish between now and March 2019 with a few more months of prep.

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Feature image from @miss_amanda_ann Instagram page.