Powerlifter Andrew Hause Squats An Easy 388kg Triple At 20 Years Old

The weight is moving at the Carolina Fitness Center based in Monroe, North Carolina. Junior powerlifter Andrew Hause recently hit a huge squat triple that definitely deserves a little more attention. Sitting at about 8-weeks from his next meet, 20 year old Hause is looking to hit one of the highest totals ever recorded for his age.

And if his latest Instagram video is any indication of the numbers he’s potentially aiming to hit at the upcoming meet (which we definitely think is), then we could see Hause very well accomplish his age-driven goal. For context, last year in April, Hause totaled one of the all-time highest Wilks Scores for teenagers, and he’s only gotten stronger over the last year.

In the video below, Hause (age 19 at the time) totaled a massive 930kg/2,050 lbs and recorded one of the highest Wilks Scores to date for teenagers. To add to this feat, Hause sits in 33rd for the highest all-time Wilks Scores for 110kg/242 lb competitors (per openpowerlifting.org), and he is, to no surprise, the youngest athlete in the top 50.

His latest video and the topic of this article features one of Hause’s best squat triples to date. Yesterday, Hause shared a squat video that highlights an easy 388kg/856 lb triple in knee wraps. In Hause’s Instagram video’s description he writes,

“856lbs/388.3kgs for a triple easy raw w/wraps. Had strength for at least one more. @jonrand242 thinks I’m a dumbass for doing a bodybuilding rep on the second one and I agree because it threw me off. Squats feel very strong 8 weeks out. Bodyweight sitting at 257lbs/116.6kgs”

Author’s Note: The video below features Hause’s squat triple, for those having trouble viewing the video on mobile device — click here!

As folks like to say on Reddit, “Absolute Unit”. Hause turns 21 in early November (per his Instagram comments), so his next meet in 8-weeks will be his final competition at this age. Could he set one of the highest (if not the highest) Wilks Scores for his age? He very well could!

Feature image from @andrewhause Instagram page.