Powerlifter Barbara Lee Breaks Into the 227kg (500 lb) Deadlift Club

The 227kg (500 lb) deadlift club is a monumental feat all throughout strength sports.

For most, every plate added on to a lift marks a major career milestone, but for many, the 227kg (500 lb) club tends to be one of the most memorable—no matter the lift. Barbara Lee a 67.5kg/75kg powerlifter has staked her claim in the 500 lb club with her recent deadlift PR that was too good not to share.

Lee is no stranger to putting up big weight, and she’s continually posting big squats and deadlifts. In her recent 227kg (500 lb) deadlift video she writes in the description, “I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this or not because my form wasn’t as clean as it needs to be, but you don’t pull 500lbs for the FIRST TIME EVER NOT POST IT!!! And I got to take Olivia along for the ride how special is that?!?! It will move better on meet day, I can promise you that Resilient and Relentless! I could hear the guys over my headphones lol…much appreciated!”

Check out the deadlift video below.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to the @KingOfTheLifts Instagram page for bringing this epic deadlift video to our attention!

Lee is no stranger to throwing around big weight, and continually posts monstrous lifts on her social pages. In early April, Lee competed at the Hawaii Fit Expo and ended up walking away with first place in sleeves hitting a strong 535 Wilks score.

At this meet, Lee finished with a 192kg (424 lb) squat, 117kg (259 lb) bench press, and 220kg (485 lb) deadlift. In addition to these big numbers, Lee walked away with three IPL records, three national records, and eight Texas state records.

In her recap Instagram post covering this meet Lee writes, “This made the day…it always comes down to deads. Was in a funk after bench. Thought about scratching after getting the record on my second but wanted to go out with a bang.”

Lee definitely went out with a bang at this meet, and with her new 227kg (500 lb) PR, we’re pumped to see what the future holds for her.

Feature image from @msbarbellbarbie Instagram page.