Powerlifter Christine Castro (66kg) Deadlifts a Strong Beltless 200kg

When was the last time you ran a mock meet for your training? Have you ever done it beltless? Yesterday, Canadian powerlifter Christine Castro shared a beltless mock meet on her Instagram page that highlights a few extremely strong lifts and show great promise towards her platform comeback.

Castro, a seasoned 63/72kg athlete, weighed in at 66kg and hit numbers that would be very competitive on a national scale, and come closer to her personal all-time bests. To top it off, she completed the mock meet beltess, so more than likely her official competition numbers are hovering above what she hit for the mock.

In Castro’s Instagram carousel’s description she writes,Beltless Mock Meet was a success 

  • Bw 66kg
  • 175kgs/386lbs
  • 90kgs/198lbs
  • 200kgs/441lbs

@afterburnbarbell never cease to remind me why I love this sport with all the continues support”

In respects to the numbers Castro just hit and what she did at her last meet, these numbers are crazy competitive, and remember, she hit the lifts above all beltless. Castro’s last meet was at Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Nationals in late February.

At this meet, Castro took third in the -72k Open weight class weighing in at a light 69kg and put up strong numbers across the board. She finished with a 180kg squat, an 85kg bench press, and a 202.5kg deadlift.

One thing we thought was cool to note from the two clips included in this article is that if you watch the deadlift video above compared to the 202.5kg at Nationals, then you’ll notice Castro’s beltless pull’s speed is much faster off the floor, so we’re curious where her 1-RM is currently sitting at. Plus, she deadlifted the 200kg beltless at a lighter weight.

We’re pumped to see what Castro ends up accomplishing as the year progresses. Judging from her latest mock meet, she’s setting herself up for more 2018 successes.

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Feature image from @sneakersoverstilettos Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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