Powerlifter Eva Dunbar (67kg) Bench Presses 84kg (185 lbs) for 20 Reps

When you think impressive bench press feats, what comes to mind? Do you weigh 1-RM attempts or huge volume sets as more impressive? In my opinion, I think they’re equally impressive, but let’s call it what it is, anything over 15 reps could be classified as a form of punishment, as a 1-RM is something of enjoyment (typically).

Legendary 67kg (148 lb) powerlifter and bodybuilder Eva Dunbar posted an Instagram  video a couple days ago that not only stopped us in our tracks, but also reminded us just how strong she is under the bar. In her video, Dunbar is benching 84kg (185 lbs), which yes, is routine weight for her, yet she smokes this weight for a ridiculous 20-reps.

In her Instagram video’s description Dunbar writes, “Dieting for my next show and benching like a boss. Just cause I’m in “bodybuilding mode” doesn’t mean I’m not working on my bench. Precision is the key to a bigger bench. Here’s 185 x 20 reps.”


This set reminds us a lot of the bodyweight bench press challenge, aka press your bodyweight for as many reps as possible. The only difference in this case is that the weight Dunbar is pressing is around 1.25x her normal competition bodyweight, and let’s factor in that she’s in prep for a bodybuilding show, so more than likely she’s in a caloric deficit.

For those who are already fans of Dunbar, then you’re probably not terribly surprised by this high-volume set. After all, Dunbar currently holds the fourth all-time Wilks for women powerlifters in the raw+wraps division with a huge 637.9 (per openpowerlifting.org). 

Dunbar accomplished this feat in March when she competed at the RPS No Retreat No Surrender meet in Cherokee, North Carolina. At this meet, Dunbar put on a stellar performance going 8/9 and put up numbers with a 243.5kg (536 lb) squat, a 143kg (315 lb) bench, and 235kg (518 lb) deadlift. 


As the year progresses and Dunbar tackles her next bodybuilding show, we’re pumped to see what she moves to next. Could we see her top her previous Wilks set in March? Only time will tell for this dual-sport strength athlete.

Feature image from @evalaurabelle_ifbbpro Instagram page.