Isabella von Weissenberg Smokes a 200kg Squat Single and Deadlift Triple

It’s safe to say that Swedish powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg has been absolutely crushing the month of March. Hot off breaking the IPF -72kg Classic Women’s Open squat world record, Weissenberg has been back to training heavy without missing a beat.

Her latest video features a 200kg (440 lb) squat single, which was what she hit three weeks ago at the 2018 Arnold Classic to take the IPF world record. And to top it off, in her recent video she made her latest 200kg single look incredibly smooth.

In her Instagram video’s description she writes, “200KG /440LBS x1 @8 (or so I like to tell myself). Workout planner said 195kg but I said nah workout planner, I’m feeling fly today. I got so worked up with adrenaline that I almost fell over on my way out but daaamn, it was easy yo. Can’t say how good it feels to turn one of my major life goals into a working set.”

It’s insane looking at the differences in speed between her Arnold Classic world record squat and her current 200kg lift, which are only three weeks apart. Judging from her latest video, I’d bet that we see the -72kg IPF world record fall a couple more times before the end of 2018.

In addition to her latest squat, Weissenberg has also been hitting some seriously impressive deadlifts. Two days ago, she pulled 200kg (440 lbs) for an easy triple. For context, Weissenberg finished with a 215kg deadlift three weeks ago at the Arnold Classic meet, which was a European record.

In her Instagram video’s description she writes, “200kg /440lbs x3 @9
Very tired from pin squats yesterday. Wasn’t super confident about this set walking up to the bar, and I’m sure I could have tapped in better intensity-wise if I made an effort, but knowing I can lift this half asleep feels pretty good too.”

Only three weeks ago, Weissenberg was breaking squat world records, now she’s hitting these same numbers with ease in training. We’re pumped to see what 2018 has in store.

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Feature image from @ivweissenberg Instagram page.