Powerlifter Keith McHoney Smokes a Raw 4x Bodyweight Squat

Over the weekend, powerlifter Keith McHoney took the platform at the 2018 USA Powerlifting Palmetto Powerlifting Classic. At the meet, McHoney weighed in at 68kg (150 lbs) and he put in work on the platform hitting some of his biggest numbers to date.

Potentially McHoney’s biggest lift from the meet came in the squat when he smoked a 272.5kg (600 lb) lift, which was a four times bodyweight feat. On the squat, a triple bodyweight lift is impressive, but four times bodyweight is next level.

In McHoney’s Instagram video highlighting his squat he writes, “1613lbs [total] at 150lb bs.Β Came to lift today so my aunts Uncles an cousins could finally get to see me lift. Turns out they clearly motivated me!”

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Wow!!! Keith McHoney with a monster 732.5 kg total at only 150 lbs (68 kg) bodyweight!!!! That's an easy water cut to 66 kg. Keith is a beast!!! – Powerlifting content updated daily! #KOTL #kingofthelifts – Regrann from @kmacpower – 🌟🌟🌟1613lbs (732.5 kg) at 150lb bw🌟🌟🌟 Came to lift today so my aunts Uncles an cousins could finally get to see me lift. Turns out they clearly motivated me! 🌟600lb/272.5kg squat🌟363lb/165kg bench🌟650lb/295kg deadlift🌟 Thanks to @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @sbd_peru_powerlifting for the great gear an support! 🌟Thanks to my sponsor @sixstarpronutrition for their constant support an great supplements www.goesquad.click/Keith.com Use promo code: Keith10🌟

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Nailing a four time bodyweight squat is epic, doing it in front your whole family that came to watch, legendary. In addition to smoking this huge squat, McHoney also hit meet bests on the bench and deadlift.

For the bench press, McHoney hit a 165kg (365 lb) press, and in the deadlift, he finished with a 295kg (650 lb) pull, aka a 4.3x bodyweight lift. To date, this has been McHoney’s biggest meet, but as mentioned above, moving weight for this young athlete is nothing new. Currently, McHoney holds two raw American records in the -66kg weight class and these include a 255kg (562 lb) squat and a 277.5kg (611 lb) deadlift.

At the 2018 Arnold Classic, McHoney competed at the Arnold Powerlifting Grand Prix hosted by SBD and came in second place for the lightweight athletes in Wilks. For his lifts, McHoney finished with a 260kg (573 lb) squat, a 160kg (352 lb) bench press, and a 282.5kg (622 lb) deadlift.

In 2017, McHoney was ranked third for the USAPL raw athletes, so we’re pumped to see if he can move up the ranks as year progresses. Judging from his last meet, we’d say there’s a pretty good chance this isn’t the last time we’ll be writing on McHoney.

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