Powerlifter Kevin Oak Front Squats a Huge 317kg On a Safety Squat Bar

Powerlifter Kevin Oak is showing no signs of slowing down heading into 2019’s competition season. Over the last couple months, Oak has been sharing a slue of strong videos on his social media channels. Keep in mind, when we say “strong” we’re talking about Oak’s consistent squat and deadlift videos in the 700+lb ranges and presses well over 400+lbs.

Oak’s latest video got out attention for a couple reasons. First, he’s highlighting a massive 317kg/700 lb front squat with a safety squat bar. This weight is yes, routine for Oak there’s no question about that, but to make it look as easy as he did on a safety squat bar, now that’s next level strong. And that’s not mentioning the fact he hit this squat beltless.

Second, in his Instagram video’s description he teases about breaking more all-time world records at some point in the near future. He writes in the video’s description, “SSB Front Squat up to 700 lbs. I think it’s time to make another run at the world record squat and total.” Check out the crazy easy front squat video below!

Currently, Oak owns two all-time world records. He holds the 220 lb all-time world record total and the 242 lb all-time world record squat.

In April, Oak competed at the USPA Connecticut Spring Classic that was held in Derby, Connecticut. At this meet, Oak competed in the squat only and concluded his performance with a monstrous 377.5kg/832 lb lift that earned him the all-time world record. As of right now, Larry Wheels holds the 242 lb all-time world record total with 2,171 lbs, and set this feat at his November 2016 meet. 

Since Oak’s April world record shattering meet, he’s competed at the US Open, performed at a couple exhibitions, and has been practicing and learning more about weightlifting. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready and excited for Oak’s next meet as he invests energy into breaking more all-time world records. 

Feature image from @oakstrong Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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