Powerlifter Kristen Dunsmore Deadlifts an Easy 210kg PR

The weight is moving out at Convoy Strength, the San Diego, California based powerlifting gym. Normally athletes like Yangsu Ren (@Deadlift_Panda) and Amber Abweh are the ones pulling big weight, but today the big deadlift is coming from Juggernaut Training athlete Kristen Dunsmore.

Dunsmore has had an impressive competitive 2018 season so far, and this new deadlift PR is hopefully an indication of the big things we can expect to see from her at USAPL Raw Nationals. Earlier this year, Dunsmore competed in the -63kg weight class at the SBD Pro American and came in third behind Samantha Calhoun and Maria Htee.

Since then, Dunsmore has been moving up a weight class to fill out her potential in the -72kg bodyweight category, and has been crushing big weights over the last couple months in doing so. In early August, Dunsmore competed at the SoCal Powerlifting Open in the -72kg weight class and broke a big meet milestone by busting into the 400 lb squat club.

At the SoCal Powerlifting Open, Dunsmore weighed in at 68.5kg on the day, and finished the meet with an 182.5kg/402 lb squat, 100kg/220 lb bench press, and 200kg/440 lb deadlift. And this epic year-long transition from being a competitive -63kg to -72kg athlete brings us to the topic of this article.

Yesterday, Dunsmore shared a strong new 210kg/463 lb deadlift PR, and made it look absolutely easy. In Dunsmore’s Instagram video’s description she writes, “NEW DEADLIFT PR!!!! 210 kg / 463 lbs. Best birthday gift I could ask for. I missed this at my last meet which I was kinda salty about, let’s hope for more at Raw Nats”

Author’s Note: A video for Dunsmore’s deadlift can be seen below! For those having trouble viewing the video on mobile — check this link

We don’t know about you, but Dunsmore’s progression to the -72kg weight class has been fun to watch and keep up with. It’s going to be exciting to watch her test her potential in this weight class at USAPL Raw Nationals.

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Feature image from @kriis_d Instagram page.