Kristy Hawkins Does Cardio With This Set of 200kg (440 lb) x 10 On Deadlifts

If you watch a high rep deadlift set and feel exhausted does that count as secondhand cardio? We hope so, because this set below from Kristy Hawkins tired us and we’re not even the ones lifting the weight. Hawkins is no stranger to pulling, pushing, and squatting big weight, so it makes sense that she smoked this high rep set with relative ease.

And what was her motivation for this monstrous set? She simply had it in her head and made it happen.

In Hawkin’s Instagram video’s description she writes, “For some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to pull 200kg/440lb x10 so I did. The lockout on the last couple was harder than it should’ve been because the plates were sliding off the left side…or because I’m weak and out of shape. Followed this with block pulls @ 215kg x8 and deficits @ 185kg x8 and back accessories. I’ll probably run this program up to #bob5 or until the wheels fall off.”

Yes, you read that correctly. That wasn’t even the only high rep set Hawkins hit on the day, she followed it with two more deadlift variations sitting in the eight-rep range.

If you’re a Hawkins fan already, then you’re probably not too surprised by how well she moved this weight. After all, she is the current women’s -75kg (165 lb) all-time world record holder in the squat (no wraps), squat (with & without wraps), total (no wraps), and total (with & without wraps).

As of right now, she’s prepping for the Boss of Bosses 5 meet that’s being held in Mountain View, California from August 24th-25th.

Her latest video features a strong (and easy) three sets of six with 195kg (429 lb) on squats, which is super impressive because she did them the day after her high-rep deadlifts.

As her training and the summer progresses, we’re pumped to see what she puts together when it comes meet time in August. With four current all-time world records, will she claim more before 2018 is over?

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Feature image from @kristy_hawkins Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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