20 Year Old Powerlifter Luke Richardson Deadlifts 375kg (826 lbs) With Ease

“Absolute unit.” 

That’s often the main comment that follows any time one of 20-year-old British powerlifter Luke Richardson’s videos gets shared on social media. Besides his young age, what tends to make Richardson’s videos so impressive is how easy and clean he makes every lift look, plus how well-rounded he is on the platform.

Currently, Richardson is in prep for the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships that begin on June 5th and run until the 14th. From what we can see, the 120kg+ junior weight class is going to be an epic showdown between Richardson and other top junior lifters like Jospeh Peña.

In the last few weeks, Richardson has shared some significant big lifts. He’s been on a mission to conquer the 1,000kg (2,200 lb) total in a meet, and judging from his latest videos we may see him accomplish this milestone. This would also make him one of the very few powerlifters to accomplish this lofty goal at the age of 20.

Yesterday, Richardson shared a video highlighting a smooth 375kg (826 lb) deadlift.

In his video’s description Richardson writes, “375kg deadlift tonight. 955kg @ 9 completed. World record total is getting freaking smoked.”

What’s the record he’s referencing? The current IPF Open junior world record total sits at 932kg, and Richardson just topped it by over 20kg in training at an RPE 9. He’s suggested that come meet day, he’d like to attempt a 400kg (880 lb) squat and deadlift, which would be an insanely impressive feat at a young 20 years old.

Outside of his deadlift, Richardson’s squat is just as impressive, and he has a tendency to make monstrous weight look incredibly easy. Check out this video two days ago where Richardson easily sinks a 375kg (826 lb) squat.

For those wondering about his bench, Richardson’s most recent video highlights a 200kg (440 lb) paused double.

If he can prove to be successful on his squat and deadlift goals with a potential 400kg, then hit at least a 200kg bench that 1,000kg total feat and world record will soon be his. We’re pumped to see what this young powerlifter puts up come meet day.

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Feature image from @lukerichardson Instagram page.