Powerlifter Petr Petras Back In Big Way, Squats 400kg and Deadlifts 370kg

Elite Russian powerlifter Petr Petras is coming back to competition in a big way. After sustaining an injury (a torn pec) that forced him to withdraw from the first ProRaw Big Dogs meet in 2016 and take a leave of absence from the elite powerlifting game, Petras is is coming back and showing no signs of slowing down.

In a recent video, Petras hits a monstrous squat and deadlift, which aren’t incredibly far from his heaviest and are getting scary close to hit peak numbers. For the video below, Petras highlights a 400kg (881 lbs) squat and a 370kg (815 lbs) deadlift, along with including a lengthy explanation of what to expect for the rest of this year, but more on that below.

In Petra’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “I will attend Big Dogs 3! In 2016 I got invited to the most prestigious competition, Big Dogs, but I made a mistake and one month before BD I tore my peck at competition in Serbia. Last year, I felt very strong, but had no money. This year I will compete at Big Dogs! I will make no mistakes and use all the experiences I’v gathered through the years of training.

I couldn’t fly to Australia without help of few people and my sponsors. My biggest support in my life is girlfriend Denise, thanks to my manager Frantisek Brejcha, I couldn’t do this without him. My big support in training is buddy Nino. Huge thanks to my main sponsor Extrifit for everything. I would like to introduce my new sponsor Xplosiveape, this company put clothes on the strongest people of world so I am very proud that I could be part of it.”

In September 2016, Petras put up an unbelievable 1,115kg total at the GPC World Championships held in Serbia. Here, he hit a 450kg (992 lb) squat, a 285kg (628 lb) bench press, and a 380kg (837 lb) deadlift. Check out the video below.

This year, the ProRaw Big Dogs 3 meet is being held on October 14th in Victoria, Australia. With plenty of time left to prep, we’re excited to see what Petras can put together come judgement day!

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Feature image from @petras.petr Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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