Robb Philippus Smokes a 915 lb Squat In Prep for “Animal Cage”

Robb Philippus, aka “Quads Like Robb”, is heading into the 2018 Arnold Classic looking as strong as ever. In less than two weeks, Philippus will be lifting at the “Animal Cage”, which is a showing of some of the strongest lifters in the sport and is hosted by the supplement company Animal Pak. Athletes like Dan Green, Rob “Da Savage” Hall, and many others are regular lifters at the cage.

Last night, Philippus shared a strong squat video in wraps that highlighted an easy 915 lbs. In his video’s description Philippus writes, “915 to the hole and back x1 last squat until the @animalpak #CAGE2018” 

Check it out below.

Philippus is no stranger to the “Animal Cage” and has actually hit a few notable powerlifting milestones in it. His first time in the cage was in March 2016, and it was at this time he hit a huge PR 905 lb naked knee squat.

On his website, Philippus provides a little more detail into that lift saying,

“First time in the Animal Cage was March 2016 with a 905 naked knee squat, it was a surreal experience for sure! Half way through the lift, I saw that dark tunnel and decided if I go out, I go out…next thing I knew I was racking the weight! Jess said half way through the lift it seemed like time stood still! haha.”

Now fast forward to March 2017 and Philippus found himself back in the cage. This time instead of going naked knee he squatted with wraps and doubled a 900 lb squat because he had the CETS US Open quickly approaching.

At the CETC US Open in April 2017, Philippus finished with a 959 lb squat in wraps on his third attempt, and this was after he missed this same weight on his second attempt.

What will Philippus end up hitting this year in the cage? We’re not completely sure, but we’ll be sitting here patiently waiting with excitement.

Feature image screenshot from @quadslikerobb Instagram page.