Powerlifter Samantha Rice (90KG) Scores Raw Deadlift and Total World Records at Hybrid Showdown 4

Rice ranked as the best overall female lifter and earned the $20,000 prize.

Samantha Rice was unstoppable at the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Hybrid Showdown 4, which took place at the Hybrid Performance Method Gym in Miami, FL, on Jan. 15-16, 2022. The 90-kilogram powerlifter squared off against some of the most elite powerlifters on the planet, including Hunter Henderson and Kiersten Scurlock. Rice managed to not only rank as the best female lifter in the contest by Dynamic Objective Team Scoring System (DOTS) score (ranks athletes of the same gender in different weight classes against each other) but also scored new all-time raw deadlift and total world records.

Hybrid Showdown 4 — Samantha Rice | Bodyweight: 198 pounds

Rice’s full performance consisted of eight successful lift attempts*:

  • Squat
    • 225 kilograms (496 pounds)
    • 240 kilograms (529 pounds)
    • 250 kilograms (551.1 pounds)
  • Bench Press
    • 144.7 kilograms (319 pounds)
    • 152.4 kilograms (336 pounds)
    • 157.5 kilograms (347.2 pounds)
  • Deadlift
    • 260 kilograms (573.2 pounds)
    • 273.5 kilograms (603 pounds) — All-Time Raw World Record
  • Total — 681 kilograms (1,501.3 pounds) — All-Time Raw World Record

Rice rallied significant PRs in all three big lifts. Her 551.1-pound) squat was a 39-pound PR, her 347.2-pound) bench press was a 22-pound PR, and her 603-pound) deadlift was a 19-pound PR. Her overall DOTS score of 616.78 is the sixth-highest all-time of any female lifter in the raw division.

*Note: Rice shared the weights of her lifts on her Instagram page in pounds. She listed her 250-kilogram (551.1-pound) squat as an all-time raw world record. According to Open Powerlifting, it is the second-heaviest ever. Amanda Lawrence is listed as the all-time raw world record holder with a 256-kilogram (564.3-pound) squat from the 2020 USAPL Gainsgiving Open.


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Rice’s new world record deadlift surpassed Chakera Ingram‘s previous world record of 273 kilograms (601.8 pounds) scored at the 2018 USPA American Cup. Entering the Hybrid Showdown 4, Rice held the second-heaviest raw deadlift ever of 265 kilograms (584.2 pounds), hit at the 2021 USPA Pioneer Open.

Before climbing the ranks to the raw world record total in the 90-kilogram class, Rice was in third position overall with a 645-kilogram (1,421.9-pound) total. Her total at the Hybrid Showdown 4 surged past Amanda Lawrence‘s 646-kilogram (1,424.2-pound) total from the 2020 USAPL Gainsgiving Open and Ingram’s 671-kilogram (1,479.3-pound) total from the 2018 USPA American Cup.

Samantha Rice’s Competitive Career

According to Open Powerlifting, Rice made her competitive powerlifting debut at the Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA) 2014 World Cup with a gold-medal performance at age 24. She has competed in a total of 16 sanctioned meets and stood atop the podium in all of them. Her win rate is legitimately 100 percent.

Some of the more notable contests she’s emerged victorious in are the 2021 RPS 2nd Annual Dawn of the Deadlift, 2021 WRPF Kern US Open, and the 2020 XPC Arnold. Rice is now the woman to beat at 90-kilograms. Given her current massive PR setting pace, it will be challenging for anyone to claim her throne.

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