Powerlifter Stacy Burr Smokes a 225kg (495 lb) Deadlift

Over the weekend, 67kg (148 lb) powerlifter Stacy Burr hit a very strong 225kg (495 lb) deadlift, which she labeled as a PR on her Instagram page. In terms of lifting, this deadlift was far from Burr’s real deadlift PR — which sits at a massive 239kg (529 lb) pull  but was a happiness and hype PR.

If you’re new to Burr and her lifting, then you’ll most likely learn that she’s no stranger to moving big weight. In fact, last year in April we wrote about her taking down the women’s 67kg (148 lb) all-time world record total (with & without wraps) with a stellar performance hitting a 1,333 lb total at the CETC US Open. This feat topped powerlifting legend Eva Dunbar’s previous world record total.

In her deadlift Instagram video shared below, Burr pulls the 5-plates with ease, and the hype that follows the lift even got us pumped. Check out the video below, which we promise will get you ready for your lift later today.

This year, Burr competed at the Kern US Open and posted very strong numbers. In part of her Instagram video’s description below Burr writes, “Meet recap from the @kernusopen:
Finished the day with: 518/314/485 for a 1317 total in the 148 weight class.

Thank you to coach Sean Brownstein for helping me prepare for one of the most challenging both mentally and physically preps I have ever done. You do more than just coach me, you believe in me.”

For context, only a month before the US Open, Burr was in the hospital for a short stint of time after suffering some health issues, and she still managed to put up a total that was only 16 lbs shy of her current world record.

There’s no denying Burr’s grit when it comes to powerlifting and leaving it all on the platform. Now the question remains: Can she take down her current world record later this year and hit a 5-plate deadlift on the platform?

Featured image from @bamaburr Instagram page.