Powerlifter Vincent Falzetta Deadlifts 272kg (610 lb) for a 4x Bodyweight Double

Powerlifter Vincent Falzetta has been crushing big numbers in his training leading up to the Kern US Open. Now, a little over a month out from the meet, he’s putting up some of his best numbers to date in the 67.5kg (148 lb) weight class.

In a stacked -67.5kg (148 lb) weight class, Falzetta definitely has his work cut out for him. But judging from his latest deadlift video, he’s setting himself up nicely for success. His latest deadlift video features a strong 272kg (610 lb) deadlift PR double.

In the Instagram video’s description he writes, “610×2 PR dub!!! ~4x BW. Did this after 5 squat triples and 10 sets of paused bench so excited to see what I can do fresh. BW 153. 32 days out from the Kern US Open.”

Falzetta hasn’t always competed at 67.5kg (148 lbs), having started his competitive powerlifting career as a 75kg (165 lb) athlete.

Over the last year or so, Falzetta has been working his way down to a lower weight class in order to shatter some of the class’s records. The set above is ridiculously impressive, but the man is no stranger to pulling big 4x+ bodyweight deadlifts.

Earlier this year in mid-February, he hit his best gym PR deadlift to date. In the video below, Falzetta smokes a 294kg (650 lb) PR. His description states, “650 PR BW 155 was not supposed to hit this weight till next week but decided I’d hit this here and maybe go for a few more lb on the dl bar at royal oak. Was not feeling the best today but i was not letting this one slip!!!”

The current -67.5kg (148 lb) all-time world record stands at a massive 316kg (698 lbs) and was set by Alexey Sivokon back in 1998. Obviously, this feat is a fairly large spread compared to 294kg (650 lbs), but it does beg the speculation: with more time at this bodyweight could Falzetta eventually tackle this 20-year-old feat?

We’re pumped to see what Falzetta is able to do in a month at the Kern US Open.

Feature image from @148lbsofmeat Instagram page. 


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