Ric Flair Deadlifts Big Weight at Age 67

We’ve heard the term, “Old man strength,” but what about, “Old man power”? 67 year old, 16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair demonstrates exactly what it’s like to possess true power well into your 60s – WOOOO!

Whether your sport involves clanking weights, hitting a ball, or throwing bodies (like in Ric Flair’s case), a long training career is typically very important. And no surprise, a HUGE priority for lifters and athletes is often to maintain lifelong longevity in and out of the gym.

Athletes do this by taking care of their bodies after years of competing, which helps set oneself up for future success in staying active. It’s always tough for athletes to go from the peak of their career to becoming more sedentary. That’s what brings us to Ric Flair’s recent deadlift video, in which he’s shows us age is just a number.

This video was shared on Flair’s Instagram page one day and has already generated a massive amount of attention. 67 year old Flair is pulling what looks to be at least 365 lbs. A lot of articles have said 400, but the last plate appears to be a 25. Plus, they’re black generic bumper plates, so it’s always difficult to tell.

Regardless, for a 67 year old man who’s had a long career of body taxing activity, this lift is freaking impressive. Not to mention the grind Flair fights through to get the bar fully off the ground.

While we’re on the topic of wrestlers performing impressive lifts; let’s not forget about John Cena’s Olympic lifting.

His 304 lb snatch is performed with solid form and speed, which demonstrates just how athletic Cena truly is. Also, rumor has it, when you watch the video you’ll only see the bar move…because you can’t see Cena…you can’t see me!

It’s always great to see athletic legends like Ric Flair still pushing the limits, especially in the weight room.

Feature image from @ricflairnatureboy Instagram page.