Rubets Oleksandr, Squats 416kg, Breaks IPF Junior and Open Records at Just 20 Years Old

At just 20 years old, Ukrainian powerlifter Rubets Oleksandr has absolutely demolished the previous IPF Junior squat record and set a new Open record in the process.

At the Sub-Junior and Junior World Championships — currently happening in Poland — Oleksandr squatted 416 kilograms/~915.2 pounds to set his record. The old mark was held by Yeshmakhanov Nurlan of Kazakhstan at 401kg. A 15kg jump in records with one lift is about as rare a feat as you’ll see in powerlifting these days.

Oleksandr weighed in at 98.3kg, very light for the 105kg weight class, but still walks away with the new record. The massive squat is also a kilogram above the -120kg (next weight class up) World Standard for Juniors. 

Note that in this an equipped competition, and lifters are allowed single-ply squat suits and knee wraps. For those who might only be familiar with Raw powerlifting, we’ll say this: Oleksandr’s lift is a massive accomplishment in the sport.

Check out his lift below, posted by the IPF on their Facebook page. Oleksandr displays fantastic speed and technique throughout the lift.

Perhaps the craziest thing about Oleksandr’s accomplishment is that he still has around three years left as a Junior lifter. (In powerlifting, Juniors goes up to 23 years old, as opposed to 20 in weightlifting.) As long as he stays healthy, there’s a good chance he could break his own 416kg record several times in the near future.

Featured image: IPF on Facebook