This Rubik’s Cube Pause Squat Is Taking the Strength World By Storm

We’ve highlighted him before, but now, Dan Weierich has really outdone himself. The 60-meter dash track athlete out of Rutgers University just solved a Rubik’s Cube in 35 seconds while doing a pause back squat at 160kg/350 pounds — exactly 2 times his bodyweight.

We know there are some other fast and strong “Cubers” out there (Dylan Cooper out of Mash Elite comes to mind), but so far, this is the most impressive combo of leg strength and Cube solving the world has ever seen — at least to our knowledge.

And while Weierich is showcasing some insane static strength here, the New Jersey-based sprinter’s explosiveness is what first brought him to our attention. Check out his 8’8″ ceiling kick from a few years back, embedded below.

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Weierich called his solving pause squat an “Open challenge to the world,” so we’ll see who — if anyone — responds with a heavier and/or faster solve.

For all we know, he might have just invented a brand new strength sport.

Featured image: @armenian_strength on Instagram