131lb Powerlifter Sergey Fedosienko Benches 380lbs for Three Reps

Russian powerlifter Sergey Fedosienko should be considered in the running for one of the strongest pound for pound powerlifters of the last decade. He’s competed in three different weight classes in his career’s tenure to win 10 IPF Open World Championships. For the last five years, Fedosienko has domianted the 59kg weight class.

In a recent video Fedosienko shared on his Instagram page, he bench presses 172.5kg (380 lbs) for three reps at a 59.5kg (131 lb) bodyweight. That’s nearly three (2.9) times his bodyweight, which is a ridiculous feat of strength for the bench press.

The most incredible part is that Fedosienko’s bench press was performed for three reps at a weight that’s 1.5kg over the current 59kg record, which he currently holds at 171kg. In his post’s description he said it was “hard,” but he performed three reps. It would be interesting to see what his true 1-RM is right now.

In addition to his bench press record, Fedosienko also holds IPF Open World Record in the 59kg classic category for the squat, deadlift, and total. His records stand at a 227.5kg (500 lb) squat, a 271kg (596 lb) deadlift, and a 669.5kg (1,472 lb) total.

The video below highlights his incredible deadlift strength hitting an easy 260kg for three reps with straps.

If Fedosienko’s classic records weren’t impressive enough he also holds multiple equipped records. His records from IPF’s site for the equipped 59kg weight class stand at a 300kg (660lb) squat, 205kg (451 lb) bench, 271kg, and a 762.5kg (1,677.5 lb) total.

Last year he won both the IPF World Men’s Classic Championships and the World Open Men’s Championships. To top it off, he took best lifter in both competitions recording the highest Wilks score.

Currently, Fedosienko is a 10-time World IPF Powerlifting Champion, which puts him as one of the most decorated athletes in the sport. In addition, he holds a plethora of other accolades spanning from classic to equipped first place finishes.

His recent bench press video is hopefully a glimpse into what we can expect from Fedosienko’s this 2017. Will he earn his eleventh IPF World Championship title?

Feature image from @sergey_fedosienko Instagram page.