Stefi Cohen Deadlifts 525 Pounds At 123 Pounds Bodyweight

Forget the Instagram-famous #roadto500 — powerlifter Stefi Cohen wants much, much more.

Back in August, Cohen pulled 485 pounds in a meet for a new all-time World Record in her weight class. Then in September, she deadlifted a PR 501 pounds in training. Earlier this month, she hit 503 pounds for FOUR reps.

And Saturday, Cohen pulled a new personal best 240kg/525 pounds. Watch the epic lift below.

It didn’t hurt that her cheering section included record-breaking powerlifters like Kevin Oak and Larry “Wheels” Williams. Those two know a thing or two about heavy pulling themselves.

And before the criticism sets in, yes, we know she’s lifting with straps in training. (And don’t even get us started on the “sumo is cheating” argument.) But if her 485 pound competition PR is any indication, her training methods — including the use of straps — are working pretty well.

Cohen is in uncharted deadlift territory for a lifter her weight, and at this point, she’s really only chasing herself. However, that hasn’t stopped her from publicly expressing a new goal: Stefi Cohen wants to deadlift 600 pounds, and if she stays anything close to her current bodyweight, such a lift would be one of the most remarkable accomplishments in powerlifting history.

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The secret to Cohen’s success? It could be some relatively unconventional warmups. In an Instagram post a few weeks ago, Cohen stated she liked warming up deadlifts with front squats, then posted a video of herself executing a snappy set of five in the lift. Watch it below:

She also showed off some pretty impressive mobility and raw quad strength with narrow-stance back squats:

Do you think Stefi Cohen can hit the mythical 600 pound deadlift at her bodyweight (or any other, for that matter)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!