Professional Strongman Iron Biby Presses 190kg for Five Reps

For many strength athletes, squatting and deadlifting 190kg for reps is an impressive feat, but what about pressing this weight? For 26 year old professional strongman Cheick “Iron Biby” Sanou this weight is beginning to look routine for him.

Standing at 6′ 2″ and weighing in at 170kg (375 lbs), Biby is no stranger to moving big weight, especially in the press. If you visit his social media pages, you’ll see a string of impressive strength feats, but what typically turns heads the most is his ridiculously strong overhead pressing strength.

Biby’s latest strict-ish press is arguably his most impressive set to date and it highlights a massive five rep set with a casual 190kg (420 lbs) on the bar. In his Instagram video’s description Biby writes, “Press game is getting better. 419lbs/190kg military press for 5 reps and then cool down with 485pounds/220kg bench press few sets of 6 reps”

Check out the massive sets below, and while the overhead press is impressive, watch how fast he moves the “cool down” bench set of 220kg.

In the sport of professional strongman, Biby could best be described as the young dark horse. At least, that’s how 105kg professional strongman Michael Gill described him in this 2018 World’s Strongest Man Predictions article.

[From fat shamed to professional strongman, Iron Biby shares his story of overcoming being a bullied kid to a professional strength athlete.]

And while he may be the dark horse of professional strongman right now, pressing big weight is nothing new for Biby. Back in January, we wrote about his “strict” 220kg (485 lb) military press, which was a lift so big that it ended up leading to a lot of speculation for his 2018 strongman season.

As the year goes on, we’re hoping to see more lifts from Iron Biby and hopefully see him excel when the 2019 professional strongman season starts up.

Feature image from @ironbiby Instagram page.