Throwback to Chad Wesley Smith’s 2,000 lb Total In 37-Seconds

In some powerlifting federations, meets can take all day, which leaves a lot of down time in-between for both athletes and fans. After watching the CrossFit Total yesterday at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games (3 maximal lifts in the span of 12-minutes), powerlifter Chad Wesley Smith posted an awesome throwback video that puts the 12-minute maximal lift time cap to shame.

For his video, Smith completes all three powerlifting movements (squat, bench press, and deadlift) back-to-back with no rest in-between in an epic 37-second video.

On Smith’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “In honor of the CrossFit Games having the CrossFit Total today, here is a little #CrossFat of my own. 2000# total in 37 seconds (from start of squat descent to deadlift lockout) via a 775# Squat, 500# Bench and 725# Deadlift. Fun little trick there #JuggLife””

So where’s the origin of the video come from? The video above was originally shared on Juggernaut Training System’s YouTube channel back in 2015. To explain the rationale for the video, JTS writes in the video’s description that this feat was performed at the “US Iron Club’s NightLift event to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.” 

[Check out Chad Wesley Smith power snatching an easy 124kg (275 lbs)!]

There are not many powerlifters who can total 2,000 lbs in general, but to do it in under a minute is crazy impressive. In fact, we’ve only seen this feat completed a handful of times with this weight.

One of the most recent occasions that stick out in our mind comes from the ANIMAL Cage at the 2017 Arnold Classic when Rob “Da Savage” Hall hit an epic 2,005 lbs in 33-seconds.

In terms of the quickest [and highest] powerlifting totals we’ve ever seen, Smith and Hall are definitely leading the pack. If you’ve seen anyone hit more weight in less time, then please feel free to point them out!

Feature image from @chadwesleysmith Instagram page.