USA Weightlifting American Open Series Registration Now Open

Registration for the first installment of the USA Weightlifting American Open Series is now open. The first event will be held in Reno, Nevada, between the dates of March 16-19th.

To register, follow this link.

American Open Series

The three-part American Open series is new to 2017 and was created for two main reasons. First, it provides athletes of all ages and weight categories more platform exposure throughout the year. Second, it allows an opportunity for those who may not meet traditional competition totals to compete at a national level.

To check out the full guide in the new American Open Series, click this link.

Deadline to Register

The deadline is set as February 22, 2017 at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. There’s also a qualifying period, which is set from February 19, 2016 – February 19, 2017.

American Open Series Qualifying Totals

There will be qualifying totals in place for each event in the American Open Series, which are embedded below. It’s important to note that totals for the American Open Finals are typically much higher than what’s listed below.

Men (Adult, Senior, and Junior Lifters)

56kg 120kg
62kg 134kg
69kg 170kg
77kg 195kg
85kg 203kg
94kg 213kg
105kg 218kg
+105kg 225kg

Women (Adult, Senior, and Junior Lifters)

48kg 85kg
53kg 94kg
58kg 100kg
63kg 110kg
69kg 120kg
75kg 125kg
90kg 130kg
+90kg 140kg

Youth (Lifters Age 17 and Under)


50kg 80kg
56kg 107kg
62kg 120kg
69kg 132kg
77kg 142kg
85kg 150kg
94kg 152kg
+94kg 155kg


44kg 58kg
48kg 68kg
53kg 75kg
58kg 82kg
63kg 88kg
69kg 94kg
75kg 98kg
+75kg 100kg


How do I become an American Open Series Champion?

Points will be awarded in a similar way as the IWF Technical Rules suggest. Places 1-25 each earn points each event, and the American Open Finals will award 2x points.

Tie breakers will be decided by snatch and clean & jerk points, then followed by highest average placement. If athletes are still tied, then average Sinclair and amount of series events attended will be used.

2017 will be an exciting year for the sport of weightlifting. There’s now more opportunities throughout the year for weightlifting athletes to gain platform experience. Hopefully with this increased exposure we see a rise in competition at the national level.