Victoria Vargas Squats 3.6x Her Bodyweight for an Unofficial World Record

Possibly the most impressive performance at this year’s USAPL’s Collegiate National Championships was by junior powerlifter Victoria Vargas. She finished with a 623.3 Wilks score, which was the highest recorded score of the meet. In addition, she recorded two unofficial IPF junior world records for the -52kg women’s equipped weight class.

Possibly her most impressive lift was her 187kg (413 lb) squat. This squat is 3.6 times her bodyweight and is a new USAPL -52kg women’s equipped collegiate squat record.

In addition, this squat tops the current IPF junior -52kg women’s squat world record that’s recorded at 185kg. The current record is held by Maria Dominguez, which she set at the IPF 2016 World Open Women’s Championships this past November.

The squat looked incredibly easy for Vargas; check out her crazy speed out of the hole. It might be safe to say she has more in the tank, and we can expect to hopefully see her claim the official IPF junior record at some point this year.

Her other lifts were just as impressive as her squat. She finished with a personal PR and American Collegiate women’s -52kg record on bench with a 132.5 (291.5 lb) press and a 175kg (385 lb) deadlift.

Her final three lifts earned her a total of 495kg (1,091 lb), which was also an unofficial IPF junior women’s world record. The current IPF junior women’s -52kg total world record is also held by Dominguez at 485kg.

Vargas continually improves in competition and from this last meet she’s proven she has the capabilities to claim world records in the very near future. Her previous best total was set at the Southern Regional Championships where she recorded 475kg. This earned her third on USAPL’s 2016 Power Rankings Top 20 Equipped Female Lifters. 

We’re only four months into 2017 and Vargas has put up a total that earned her a 623.3 Wilks score, which would move her into second on the above list. 

As the year progresses it’s going to be exciting to watch Vargas improve her total and chase official IPF world records. She’s proven she has the capabilities to do so.

Feature image from @shoooorrrt_stufff Instagram page.