Weightlifter Quiana Welch Hits a 110kg Snatch PR

Meanwhile in California, Juggernaut Training Systems athlete Quiana “Chuckie” Welch has been making waves with her latest training videos. A few days ago, Welch smoked a new snatch PR, which has gotten her fans and the weightlifting community excited for her growth and progression towards the American Open Series 3 event.

In less than 4-weeks, Welch will be taking the platform for the very first time as a -76kg athlete at the AO3 being, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 13th-16th.

Welch’s Instagram video from three days ago highlights a strong 110kg/242 lb snatch PR. In her Instagram video’s description Welch writes, “What a difference a day makes!!!! I PR’d MY SNATCH 110 kg/ 242 lbs!!!!! Was thinking about that 104 kg/ 229 lbs all damn night. Woke up early, ate well and got after it. Lifts were feeling good then 104 came. I killed it. Felt good so I kept going up and it just happened. Today I cried but it was tears of pure joy”

Before the weight class changes announced in early July, Welch competed in the -75kg weight class. Besides being a PR, this lift above is pretty significant for Welch.

Back in December 2017, Welch claimed the -75kg Senior American Snatch Record with this 108kg/240 lb lift at the American Open Finals. Since then, USA Weightlifting has announced the new Senior American Record Standards to reflect the new weight classes, and Welch’s 108kg/240 lb snatch currently stands as the new standard for the Senior -76kg weight class.

In Welch’s Instagram post from July 5th, she wrote about the new weight class update and within the post said, “76 kg is officially the new weight class and one of the 7 Olympic classes so I have A LOT of work to do in order to do what I have to do to reach that goal BUT with my coach and my supportive crew, it is for sure possible.”

With more motivation than ever, and her American Record serving as the new weight class record standard, we’re pumped to see if Welch can tack on more kilos to her current American Record.

Feature image from @chuckiewelch Instagram page.