Iranian Weightlifter Saeid Alihosseini Makes 370kg (815 lb) Deadlift Look Light

What does it look like to deadlift 370kg (815 lbs) like it’s nothing? In this addition of crazy strong Iranian weightlifters, super heavyweight athlete Saeid Alihosseini makes what’s normally an insane strength feat look like a walk in the park.

Yesterday, Alihosseini shared a video on his Instagram page featuring a 370kg (815 lb) deadlift. For a +105kg weightlifter, we’re used to seeing these athletes clean pull and deadlift 300kg (660 lb) or more with ease, but Alihosseini’s video is next level strong.

In his video, he deadlifts a monstrous 370kg (815 lbs) beltless (from what we can tell) with a hook grip, and it appears to be much less than what he could do for a true one-rep max. Check out the deadlift below, and for anyone who says or thinks it might be fake, watch the oscillation and whip on the barbell.

Alihosseini doesn’t post much on social media, so videos like this are always a treat to see his progress, especially when they’re as heavy as this.

For the better half of the last decade, Alihosseini has been serving a ban for a couple anti-doping violations from 2008 and 2009. Fortunately for Alihosseini and his fans, after his initial doping offenses, his lifetime ban was eventually shortened to twelve years, and then to eight, which is what allowed him to compete at the 2017 IWF World Championships.

At the Championships, Alihosseini made his comeback statement in a big way going 4/6 on the day and taking home multiple medals. For the snatch, he went 1/3 and took home bronze with a very strong 203kg (447 lb) final third attempt. Then for the clean & jerk, he went 3/3 and also finished with a bronze with a 251kg (553 lb) final attempt.

The culmination of these two lifts earned Alihosseini a very promising 454kg (1,001 lbs) comeback total, which was enough for a silver medal and to edge out Iranian teammate Behdad Salimikordasiabi by 1kg.

Judging from Alihosseini’s latest deadlift video, it appears that his training is going very well. As 2018 progresses, we’re pumped to see what he puts on the platform at his next major competition.

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Feature image from @saeid.alihosseini Instagram page.