Check Out Zydrunas Savickas’ (Big Z) Latest Shredding Progress

Legendary strongman athlete Zydrunas Savickas (Big Z) appears to be continuing, or at least maintaining his recently acquired lean physique. Savickas has a very impressive list of accomplishments in the world of strength including four World’s Strongest Man titles and eight Arnold Classic Strongman titles.

When Savickas is in the peak of his season, he’s usually statted at weighing around 170kg, which tends to vary slightly pending on the source you’re looking at. In November 2016, we published a piece highlighting Savickas at a lean 155kg, which we speculated was for the purpose of competition and getting stronger.

Four days ago, Savickas shared a photo on his Instagram page highlighting his lean physique and thanking his fans for helping him reach 200k followers. Check it out below.

What’s his weight in the photo? It’s hard to say, but judging from previous pictures featuring his lean physique, and this is all speculation, we’d guess it’s around 160kg. Yet keep in mind, we’re uncertain of when this photo was taken, and if he’s still maintaining this lean of a physique.

So what can we gather from where’s he at now? Over the weekend, Savickas took first for the 15th time in the Lithuanian Galleon Championship. In the photo below, he still looks relatively lean, but it’s difficult to tell if it’s comparable to the above picture. Either way, it looks like Savickas is maintaining a lower weight and body fat than previous years, and experiencing success doing so.

To give context, in previous years (usually cited as prior to 2007), Savickas had a competition weight statted at around 181kg, or 400 lbs. From 2008 on, he maintained a competition weight of around 170kg (375 lbs), and had great success with doing so.

What does a 180kg verse a 155kg Savickas look like? Check out this comparison photo below that Savickas shared back in October 2016 at one of his heavier weights, and then at a more recent leaned out physique.

Savickas has been competing at an elite level for years, but 2017 has been far from easy for him. In February, he injured his deltoid and had to withdraw from the Arnold Classic, which was held in early March. Then, in May at the World’s Strongest Man, he ended taking eighth place.

Through all of his ups and downs with his bodyweight and his strongman career, it’s really cool seeing how Savickas continues to change his physique, while getting stronger.

Feature image from @savickas_bigz Instagram page.