16 Year Old Harrison Maurus Clean & Jerks 400 lbs

Harrison Maurus, 16 years old, continues to push the envelope in the American Youth weightlifting world. In his most recent video shared on Instagram, Maurus hits a clean & jerk of 400 lbs.

This adds him to the handful of American youth (17 and under) lifters to perform a clean & jerk with 400 lbs, including American 69kg lifter CJ Cummings. In fact, this may very well be the first time in American weightlifting history that two of the USA’s 16 year olds boast 400 pound clean & jerks at the same time.

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This clean & jerk can be added to the strong weightlifting feats Maurus has recorded this year. In October, at the IWF Youth World Championships, which took place in Penang, Malaysia, Maurus took home three silver medals in the 77kg category.

He recorded an impressive 145kg (320 lb) snatch and 176kg (388 lb) clean & jerk, earning him a 321kg total.

The important takeaway from this competition is that he missed his final clean & jerk attempt of 182kg (401 lbs). Now a month later, we’re seeing this video of him crushing the 400lb clean & jerk, and it honestly looked like he had more in the tank. 

Every year Maurus continues to build his impressive weightlifting resume, although his success can be linked to years of consistent strength training. The video below shared in 2011 showcases a young Maurus completing a successful Starting Strength style workout.

This video was shared by Kevin Simons, Maurus’ coach, whom he gives a lot of credit to for his continued success in the weightlifting world. 

In addition to the 2011 video, a video from 2013 highlights a young Maurus performing a 100kg (220 lb) clean & jerk at the age of 13.

With his strong past, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this young strength athlete.

Maurus and Cummings are two of USA Weightlifting’s most elite for their age group, and they continue to signal a bright future for the American weightlifting community.

Feature image from @teamalphasc Instagram page.