19.3 CrossFit® Open Workout Tips from Top Athletes and Coaches

Check out the best tips for mastering CrossFit Open Workout 19.3!

After CrossFit Open Workout 19.2’s five-round strength focused repeat workout, athletes are both relieved and scared for what Open Workout 19.3 entails. CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 is a chipper that involves four exercises, and the two final movements are more technical and require handstands. Needless to say, there’s going to likely be a lot of variance in the results for this technical and work capacity centric workout.

In case you missed the announcement, then check out our CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 article. We’ve also included all the workout’s details below.

CrossFit Open Workout 19.3

For Time

  • 200-foot overhead dumbbell lunge (men 50 lb dumbbell, women 35 lb dumbbell)
  • 50 Dumbbell box step-ups (men 24 inch box/50 lb dumbbell, women 20 inch box/35 lb dumbbell)
  • 50 Strict handstand push-ups
  • 200-foot handstand walk

Timecap: 10-minutes

CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Movement Standards

The track for these movements should ideally be 25-feet in length and divided into five foot sections. Tracks are not permitted to be longer than 25-feet in length. An athlete will complete the full 25-feet, then turn around at the end and repeat this process to reach the 200-foot totals required.

Overhead Dumbbell Lunge

An athlete will begin this movement with a dumbbell in an overhead position with the hips and knees fully extended, and the toes behind the starting line. A rep is permitted once an athlete’s heels both cross the line and their legs are fully extended. Each five-foot section counts as one rep. If an athlete fails a rep, then they must go back to the start of the five-foot section that they are in.

Dumbbell Box Step-Ups

Athletes can hold the dumbbell in any position, but cannot have it resting on the leg. If an athlete puts any part of the body on the box that isn’t the feet, or pushes off their legs with their hands, then the rep will not count. A rep counts once both of the athlete’s feet are on the box and the hips and knees are in full extension.

Strict Handstand Push-Ups

To begin, there must be a box marked 24″ in length and 36″ in width. Every handstand push-up’s rep should begin with the athlete’s arms fully locked out, hips open, and heels in contact with the wall. The head must make contact with the floor or target for every rep, and the feet can come off the wall during the rep, but heel contact must be made when beginning and finishing a rep. If an athlete uses plates and a pad, then the pad must be an equal height of the plates.

Handstand Walks

Both of the hands have to be behind the line to begin. If an athlete comes down mid-walk, then they must restart the 5-foot section that they fell in. Similar to the overhead lunge, each section will count as one-rep.

Top CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 Tips

This workout is all about work capacity. Check out some of our favorite tips for CrossFit Open Workout 19.3 from elite coaches and athletes below!

1. Cole Sager — Pacing Matters

Like in his other Open Workout tip videos, Cole Sager stresses the importance of a solid warm-up to prep the body for the variety of work it’s about to do. Sager’s biggest tip for this workout is to pace yourself and to avoid spiking the heart rate too early on.

2. Trifecta/Rich Froning — Calculate Each Section

Rich Froning teamed up with Trifecta Nutrition to provide tips for tackling Workout 19.3. Froning explains that for every section, avoid going to failure, and to use your best judgement for smart dumbbell placement and rep capability for the handstand push-ups and walks.

3. The Progrm & The WOD Life — Stay Relaxed

The coaches at The Progrm and TWL recommended to focus on breathing and relaxing during the lunges and step-ups. Then, they recommend tackling the handstand push-ups by focusing on a couple of reps at a time, as opposed to thinking you have 50 reps all at once.


4. Craig Richey — Use the Body Wisely

CrossFit athlete and YouTuber Craig Richey gave a few key dumbbell tips for the walking lunge and step-up. For the lunge, Richey recommended keeping the bicep as close to the ear as possible, and for the step-up, place the dumbbell and support it on the shoulders or upper back to limit the amount of energy used.

5. Brute Strength — Warm-Up Is Key

The coaches at Brute Strength spent a fair amount of time stressing the importance of the warm-up before taking on this workout. They recommend working through the whole body and spending time really promoting blood flow to the shoulders prior to the workout.


Feature image from CrossFit YouTube channel.