2017 CrossFit® Regionals Events 4, 5, and 6 Revealed, Still No Barbells

Dave Castro may be the master of the slow build and reveal, but it looks like he’s decided to throw caution to the wind and drop three events of the CrossFit® Regionals in a day.

The average load for a regional is around three events in a day, so there’s a good chance that we’ve now seen the entire lineup of the first two days.


Regional Event 4

This event is performed for time, and each round starts with a 60-foot handstand walk. That’s followed by a 10-12-14-16-rep ladder of toes to bar and deadlifts of two kettlebells at 150 pounds for men and 106 pounds for women. So it’s handstand walks, 10 toes to bar, 10 deadlifts, handstand walks, 12 toes to bar, 12 deadlifts, and so on.

As approximately the entirety of the internet pointed out after this was posted, that’s four events in and still no barbells have appeared at the CrossFit Regionals.

Castro himself seems to have predicted such a reaction, deliberately pausing after writing “deadlift” before writing “kb” and then lovingly placing his hands on two kettlebells that had remained out of frame. We have a feeling those deadlifts are what will make or break the athletes.

Seven hours later, it was time to announce the next event.


Regional Event 5

This one is kept nice and simple: a 21-15-9 of ring muscle ups and overhead squats at 80 pounds for men and 55 for women.

There’s some confusion surrounding this event because while Castro didn’t mention dumbbells in the video, all of the Instagram comments, Reddit posts, and Facebook discussion took this as yet another dumbbell workout, probably because of the weights that are used.

After this event was posted, the CrossFit Games Facebook account posted this:

So we took that as a confirmation: five events, no barbells.

This morning, Event 6 landed, again on Castro’s Instagram.


Regional Event 6

It looks like this:

30/25 calories assault bike

20 burpee box jump overs (30 inches for men, 24 inches for women)

10 sandbag cleans (150 pounds for men, 100 pounds for women)  

It’s probably not appropriate to call the CrossFit Games Director a troll, but Castroll first wrote barbell cleans and then rubbed it out and wrote sandbag cleans. As a master of theatricality, Castro is second to none in the world of CrossFit.

So, there you have it. Six CrossFit Regional events and not a single barbell in sight. We’re unsure as to how many events will be in the Regionals — it’s usually between six and nine — but the barbellessness of the first six events have certainly made the 2017 Regionals one of the most unusual in CrossFit history.

Featured image via @thedavecastro on Instagram.